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Welcome to the Leipzig Corpora Collection / Deutscher Wortschatz

a project of Leipzig University and the Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig.

The international corpora portal offers access to more than 900 corpora of the Leipzig Corpora Collection (LCC) in more than 250 languages.

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On this website you can contribute to corpus collection for under-resourced languages by simply entering a URL.

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The words of the day based on a selection of newspaper and news services. Daily at 7 am and available as RSS! RSS 2.0 RSS Feed Icon

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The Wortschatz's CLARIN corpora portal offers access to all corpora of the Leipzig Corpora Collection (LCC) that we already integrated into the CLARIN infrastructure.

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The ASV Toolbox is a modular collection of tools for the exploration of written language data.

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The corpus and language statistics contain analyses about various aspects of natural language based on our corpora.

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Our REST web services allow direct access to our corpora by using any software. Currently, these services are still in the beta phase.

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Some of our tools and large parts of our data are available for download.

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Some of our data are available in RDF.

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Data is automatically collected from carefully selected public sources. The example sentences are automatically selected and are not expression of this project. The authors are solely responsible for the content and opinions contained therein.